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1.Which of the following represents the BEST process to accomplish resource


A. Identifying the required resources in the project charter

B. Identifying the available resources and allocate them to all activities in the current

phase of the project.

C. Identifying the required resources and allocate them to all project activities.

D. Identifying the resources that performed past similar projects, and allocate them to all

project activities

E. None of the above

Answer: C

2.When preparing the probability distribution of cost outcomes for a project, what is

the estimate with a 15% probability of being exceeded approximately one standard

deviation ___________?

A. Above the mean.

B. Below the mean.

C. Below the median.

D. Above the median.

Answer: A

3.What would be the cost performance index if BCWP =350, ACWP = 400, and BCWS = 325? Note:

Budgeted Cost of

Work Performed (BCWP), Actual Cost of Work Performed (ACWP) and Budget Cost of Work Schedule


A. 0.813

B. 1.078

C. 1.143

D. 0.875

Answer: D

4.Which technique would you be using if you analyze which sequence of activities has

the least amount of flexibility when you need to predict project duration?

A. Critical path

B. Dependency diagramming


D. Gantt chart

E. Monte Carlo method

Answer: A

5.Taking the following table into account, where would corrective action be MOST

effective when you make use of Pareto's Rule?

Origin of Problem Percent of Problems

Design 60

Development 15

Prototype 10

Testing 10

Fabrication 5

A. Development

B. Prototype

C. Fabrication

D. Design

E. Testing

Answer: D

6.Which of the following describes Fast Tracking?

A. Circumventing loopholes.

B. Developing workarounds for previous problems.

C. Increased project risk.

D. Getting people to work longer hours in overtime.

E. Meeting schedule objectives by adding resources.

Answer: C